Protective Orders/Peace Orders

The following is provided for information purposes only and should not be relied on as legal advice for any particular situation.   For questions or issues regarding protective orders and peace orders you should consult with an attorney before making any decisions.

There are four basic categories of restraining/protective orders in Maryland: (1) “domestic violence” protective orders between people related by blood, marriage, or other relationship; (2) peace orders between people who are not related; (3) peace orders against juveniles; and (3) civil protective orders and injunctions that are unrelated to personal safety issues.   Domestic violence protective orders and peace orders are sought when someone feels they are in danger because of the actions of another individual.     These orders are issued very quickly – in a matter of days – at hearings that sometimes take only a few minutes.  However, the consequences of protective orders and peace orders can be severe.    People can be forced out of their homes; separated from their children; directed to pay large sums of money.    Protective orders can have significant adverse consequences for employment, security clearances and the ability to possess firearms.    Many applications for protective orders are filed for legitimate, meritorious reasons.  However, many are filed for vindictive, retaliatory reasons, making allegations that have no merit.  If you have a situation that may require you to apply for, or defend against, a protective order or peace order, we invite you to call us.