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MVA Hearings

Our attorneys appear at Maryland’s MVA offices almost every week representing individuals who are in danger of losing their driving privileges. Some of the issues we deal with include:

  • DUI license revocation
  • Point accumulation suspension
  • Commercial Driver License suspensions
  • Provisional license suspensions
  • Insurance violations
  • Child Support suspensions
  • Interlock violations
  • Medical Advisory Board suspensions
  • Access to work/school restricted licenses

When dealing with the Maryland MVA, there are some important things to keep in mind. First, the MVA can often punish a driver several times over for a single event. For example, we often help clients who are under 21 and have been arrested for DUI. The MVA may first suspend the driver’s license for refusing a breath test or failing the breath test. The MVA may then later seek to suspend the driver’s license for driving while being under the age of 21 after consuming alcohol. If the driver gets convicted of DUI or DWI, the MVA may then seek to suspend the same license for (1) getting an alcohol related driving conviction, and/or (2) getting the points that are associated with such a conviction. Then, if the driver has a “provisional license” the MVA may take further punitive action against the same driver for getting a conviction for “moving violation” (the DUI) while holding a provisional license. Many of these penalties can be minimized or avoided altogether by making educated decisions early in a case.

Even without a DUI arrest, the MVA will seek to suspend a driver’s license if the individual accumulates 8 or more points on his or her driving record. It may take several tickets within two years to accumulate that relatively high number of points. The driver may be called in for a hearing. At the hearing, the MVA may impose a suspension or restrictions on the driver’s license. If, however, the driver then later gets only one additional point for a moving violation, he or she may be called in again to face a new suspension.

The authority of the MVA to impose these multiple or successive sanctions often leads to a “slippery slope” effect for a driver. Once the suspensions start going into effect, there can be additional violations (often for driving while suspended) that then extend the time period the person must live without a license. It then becomes increasingly more difficult to get the driving privileges reinstated. Our advice and representation often helps clients get back on a quick path toward license reinstatement. Therefore, it is important to get us involved as soon as possible.

Avoid going to an MVA hearing without first consulting counsel. Preparation and corrective measures before the hearing can greatly affect the outcome. In some cases, it is important to avoid a hearing altogether so that additional long-term penalties can be avoided. If you need help with a matter related to your driving privileges, call us to arrange a free consultation at (301) 251-9001.

Client Reviews
"I have watched Mr. Helfand in trial and in negotiations. He is remarkable. Mr. Helfand is extremely knowledgeable in the law, and even more knowledgeable in the ways to deal with people." Afshin Pishevar, Criminal Defense Attorney in Rockville, MD
"I strongly endorse this lawyer. I have known Mr. Helfand for many years. We have worked together on cases and represented conflicting parties. I have watched Mr. Helfand in trial and in negotiations. He is remarkable." David Felsen, Criminal Defense Attorney in Rockville, MD
"It’s one of the biggest cases that’s been tried in Montgomery County in a long time,” said Steve VanGrack, a Rockville lawyer considering a Democratic bid for state’s attorney." Washington Post