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Personal Injury

When you wake up and go out into the world each day, you probably take great care to conduct yourself in a manner that does not place others at risk of getting hurt. You get up early enough so you don’t have to rush to work. You pay attention while you are driving. You don’t leave your tools or briefcase lying out where someone may trip over them. If you spill something in a grocery store, you bring it to someone’s attention so it can be cleaned up.

Many people in this world are not so considerate. They don’t think about how their actions may harm others. And then those people don’t expect to pay for the medical bills you incurred, your lost time from work, the interference with your family life, and the pain you had to endure. Fortunately, the law provides a remedy. If you are injured by someone else’s intentional or negligent actions, the law does not require that you to pay for the consequences. Even if you have auto or health insurance to help deal with a crisis, the law allows you to pursue the offender to seek compensation for medical bills, the cost of any possible long term disability, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related expenses.

Sometimes, a person can be injured by someone who flees the scene before he or she can be identified. That situation does not necessarily mean that the injured party has to shoulder the burden of all the medical bills and lost time from work. There may be insurance coverage options you are not aware of to cover those expenses and provide additional compensation. But the insurance companies often are not volunteering to pay as much as they should. It sometimes take the threat of legal action to force insurance companies to honor the promises they make.

If you have been injured, we hope you are well on your way to a speedy recovery and good health. But we also recommend you consult with us to help you make important decisions along the way. We see many clients get bad advice from doctors and insurance agents who don’t always have the client’s best interests at heart. An attorney can help guide you on how to best take advantage of the insurance options you have available while you are recovering.

In most cases, the law places the burden on the injured party to prove that his or her injuries were caused by another person or product. Investigators for the other person’s insurance company may try to get you to make agreements or statements that may work against your interests. So it will be helpful to discuss your case with experienced litigators who know what is going to be required or make your case.

If you would like to consult with one of our attorneys, call (240) 415- HURT. We can provide you with a free initial phone evaluation of your matter. Or fill out our on-line consultation request form.

Client Reviews
"I have watched Mr. Helfand in trial and in negotiations. He is remarkable. Mr. Helfand is extremely knowledgeable in the law, and even more knowledgeable in the ways to deal with people." Afshin Pishevar, Criminal Defense Attorney in Rockville, MD
"I strongly endorse this lawyer. I have known Mr. Helfand for many years. We have worked together on cases and represented conflicting parties. I have watched Mr. Helfand in trial and in negotiations. He is remarkable." David Felsen, Criminal Defense Attorney in Rockville, MD
"It’s one of the biggest cases that’s been tried in Montgomery County in a long time,” said Steve VanGrack, a Rockville lawyer considering a Democratic bid for state’s attorney." Washington Post